Thursday, December 01, 2005


Television Index

ABC charged with criminal negligence (Edward Copeland)
All in the Family (Edward Copeland)
The Andy Griffith Show (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Baywatch (1989) (Edward Copeland)
Boardwalk Empire index
Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011) (Edward Copeland)
The Brady Bunch (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Breaking Bad index
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Edward Copeland)
Burns and Allen show (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Car 54, Where Are You? (50th anniversary) (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Chris Elliott on Late Night (Edward Copeland)
Cinema Verite (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Columbo (40th anniversary) (Edward Copeland)
Comfort media (Edward Copeland)
Crime Story (J.D.)
Curb Your Enthusiasm index
Deadwood DVD Box Set (Edward Copeland)
The Defenders (50th anniversary)(Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Dexter (Edward Copeland)
The Dick Van Dyke Show (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Dragnet (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Earth Made of Glass (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Elegy for Deadwood (Edward Copeland)
The end of Guiding Light (Edward Copeland)
Fire TV Land and Nick at Nite execs (Edward Copeland)
Flight of the Conchords (Edward Copeland)
Gloria: In Her Own Words (Edward Copeland)
The Flintstones (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
The Golden Age of TV drama? (Edward Copeland)
The Golden Girls (Edward Copeland)
Gun Fight (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Has jumping the shark jumped the shark? (Matt Maul)
Hazel (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Hill Street Blues (Edward Copeland)
His Way (2011) (Edward Copeland)
House of Cards (Comparing British version and U.S. Season 1) (Edward Copeland)
House index
How to Die in Oregon (2011) (Edward Copeland)
How to Make It in America preview (Edward Copeland)
If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise (Edward Copeland)
I Love Lucy (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
I'm a partner in an abusive relationship (Oscars 2010) (Edward Copeland)
"It's Garry Shandling's Show." (Season 1) (Edward Copeland)
"It's Garry Shandling's Show." (Seasons 2 and 3) (Edward Copeland)
"It's Garry Shanding's Show." (Season 4) (Edward Copeland)
John From Cincinnati preview (Edward Copeland)
John From Cincinnati halfway point (Edward Copeland)
Ken Jenkins on Scrubs (Edward Copeland)
Koran By Heart (2011) (Edward Copeland)
L.A. Law (M.A. Peel)
Larry "Bud" Melman on Late Night (Edward Copeland)
The Larry Sanders Show index
Late Night With David Letterman 30th anniversary (Edward Copeland)
Law & Order (Brit Lit Prof)
Legally Blonde on MTV (Edward Copeland)
Life after the strike (Edward Copeland)
Longford (Edward Copeland)
Lost (Alec Ricciuti)
Lost finale (Alex Ricciuti)
Love Crimes of Kabul (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Luck index
Mad Men (Alex Ricciuti)
Mad Men Season 4 (Alex Ricciuti)
Madonna of the Mills (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Mann v. Ford (2011) (Edward Copeland)
A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Mildred Pierce index
Mister Ed (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Moonlighting (Edward Copeland)
Moonlighting 25th Anniversary (Alex Ricciuti)
Monty Python's Flying Circus (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
My So-Called Life (Edward Copeland)
My Three Sons (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Northern Exposure (M.A. Peel)
The Odd Couple (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
One Thousand Pictures: RFK's Last Journey (Edward Copeland)
The Partridge Family (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Pennies From Heaven (1978 miniseries) (Edward Copeland)
Police Squad! Part I (Edward Copeland)
Police Squad! Part II (Edward Copeland)
A pox on all your award shows (Edward Copeland)
Precious Life (2011) (Edward Copeland)
The Prisoner (John Dacapias)
Public Speaking (Edward Copeland)
Reagan (2011) (Edward Copeland)
The Ren & Stimpy Show (Jonathan Pacheco)
Reaper (Edward Copeland)
Rome (Comparing Cleopatras) (Edward Copeland)
Rome and Extras (Edward Copeland)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Edward Copeland)
Route 66 (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Sanford and Son (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Saving Pelican 985 (2011) (Edward Copeland)
SCTV Network (30th anniversary) (Richard von Busack)
Seinfeld 20th anniversary (Jonathan Pacheco)
The Simpsons Season 4 (Edward Copeland)
Sing Your Song (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Sledge Hammer! (Damian Arlyn)
Soap (Edward Copeland)
South Park (Edward Copeland)
The Sopranos index
St. Elsewhere index
The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Edward Copeland)
Superheroes (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Sweeney Todd (1982) (Edward Copeland)
Tanner '88 (1988) (Edward Copeland)
There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Top Cat (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Treme index
Triangle: Remembering the Fire (2011) (Edward Copeland)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (Edward Copeland) (posted at Press Play)
The Twilight Zone (Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.)
Twin Peaks index
2005-06 Season Review (Josh R)
The Walking Dead (Edward Copeland)
The War (Edward Copeland)
Wartorn: 1861-2010 (2010) (Edward Copeland)
When the Levees Broke (Acts I and II) (Edward Copeland)
When the Levees Broke (Acts III and IV) (Edward Copeland)
The Wire index (Edward Copeland)
Wishful Drinking (Edward Copeland)
WKRP in Cincinnati (Edward Copeland)
You Don't Know Jack (Edward Copeland)

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