Thursday, December 01, 2005


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Dardos Award
Dear Netflix (Edward Copeland)
The devaluation of history and culture (Edward Copeland)
Fandor announces coordinated digital-theatrical premieres
George Carlin on voting
The Gospel According to George Carlin
I'm so tired (Edward Copeland)
Kreativ Blogger Award
MELT dance installation (M.A. Peel)
My romance with New York (Edward Copeland)
A note of thanks (Edward Copeland)
Nothing will ever be the same (Edward Copeland)
Not my usual kind of post (Edward Copeland)
Three years, same spot (Edward Copeland)
To all the posts I didn't write (Edward Copeland)
Versatile Blogger Award
A view from Massachusetts: An interview with Michael Dukakis (Edward Copeland) (posted at The Reaction)
We interrupt this blog for political rambling (Edward Copeland)
We'll meet again... (Edward Copeland)
What the hell is happening at IMDb? (Edward Copeland)
"You can't outsmart crazy" (Edward Copeland) (posted at The Reaction)

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