Friday, September 10, 2010


A note of thanks

By Edward Copeland
I felt that I owed all of you out there who sent me your best wishes either through comments on my cry for help post on Aug. 26, e-mail or on Facebook, guided here either by your normal reading of the blog or Roger Ebert's tweet on Twiter and all the various retweets or his post on his Facebook page. I can't say my situation is much different than when I wrote my post, but all the show of support has been a great help in lifting my spirits. Each day still is a struggle and it's easy to figuratively knock me down again: an unreturned message; a broken pledge, etc.

I would name you all, but I'd be afraid I'd leave someone out and some of the comments were anonymous, which under normal circumstances I wouldn't allow, but I made exceptions in this case because of what they said.

Again, thank you all for giving me a boost when I really needed it. It helped me finish two big projects I was afraid I wouldn't complete or that I'd end up doing a piss-poor job on, but your kindness helped me keep going and get a second wind.

Thank you all for indulging my tell all. I hope I can keep this place up and running for as long as I can. I'm always looking to add to my stable of contributors, so if anyone has any experience or interest contact me. It's good to know there's an audience out there who cares so much that I keep trying against all odds.

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Well writ Edward. I'm glad your blog is doing what it's supposed to: being a fun and rewarding hobby!

At the end of your post you said 'I'm always looking to add to my stable of contributors, so if anyone has any experience or interest contact me." I don't know if you'd consider add people who already have their own blog, or what exactly you're looking for in a contributor, but I may very well be very interested in joining your little inaccurately named hood. I promise not to get upset if you turn me down ;)

Squish of
Definitely. I sent you an e-mail through your site yesterday, but since the note said you were moving and the computer wasn't set up I imagine hadn't seen it yet. Then again, you got here some how. E-mail at the address in my profile.
Note to Squish: Let me know if there is an e-mail that I can communicate with you at. You can leave it as a comment but I don't have to publish it. Thanks for agreeing to do Reversal. That lightens my load a bit.
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