Monday, November 16, 2009


We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when

By Edward Copeland
It makes me sad to announce that because of the latest developments with my health, I'm being forced to place the blog on an extended hiatus. I hope to return at some point, but I can't be certain if or when. Regardless, circumstances will put a dent in both my ability to be online and to watch movies.

Of course, so many projects have been scuttled over the past year or so by my health problems, but many others will drop by the wayside now. I've managed to make it to the theater to see a whopping two new releases this year, but those days are officially over for awhile. In fact, my DVD watching is going to be hampered to some extent but my computer use will be severely affected by new treatments, so it's best to turn the lights off here for whatever duration.

I'd thank all my supporters out there in the blogosphere, on Facebook and in the real world, but the list would be so lengthy that I'd inevitably leave someone out and feel bad about it. Before I go, I want to thank all my contributors, past and present, who have helped me over bumpy parts in my life and have helped make ECOF a better site by lifting some of the load off my shoulders. Many of them you will still be able to find elsewhere in the blogosphere and I encourage you to seek them out. Thanks to Josh R, the longest-serving contributor here, and David Gaffen. EscutcheonBlot might pop up at Liverputty again someday. You will find Ali at his own site, Cerebral Mastication, and from time to time at The House Next Door. Ivan will continue to manage his own one-of-a-kind blog, Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. Look for Jonathan's writings at Bohemian Cinema as well as The House Next Door and you'll read John Dacapias' thoughts at Emulsion Compulsion and The 405.

As for past contributors, you can still find Brian at Hell on Frisco Bay, Peter Nellhaus at Coffee, coffee, and more coffee, Jeffrey Hill and Wagstaff still hang out at Liverputty and you never know where Odienator might pop up in the blogosphere. Also thanks to Alex Ricciuti who contributed a couple of pieces over the years. It also is worth mentioning all those who took part in the various surveys over the years.

I'd also like to thank Michael Stickings and the gang at The Reaction for giving me an outlet both before and after the demise of my political site the Copeland Institute for Lower Learning to rant now and then about what Washington was doing to piss me off.

For now, that's all folks. The archives will stay here, but I can't promise that any new comments will be posted in any timely way. I've told my contributors on the left that if they are ever moved to write something here, they should feel free to do so but not to bend over backward to try to keep it breathing.

This blog has been a tremendous outlet for me during many struggles, health and otherwise, and I will miss it. This latest development will make me pledge to boycott this year's movie award season even easier, so there is a slight silver lining.

Tak dlouho nyní
Så længe, før nu
Zo lang voor nu
در حال حاضر چندان
Nyt Niin kauan
Tellement longtemps pour maintenant
So lang für jetzt
Τόσο πολύ για τώρα
Har yanzu kam
כל כך הרבה זמן כי עתה
अब तक के लिए
Így hosszú most
Così lungamente per ora
이렇게 오랫동안 당분간
Så lenge for nå
له دې چې اوس
Tak długo bo teraz
Assim por muito tempo para agora
Atat de mult timp pentru acum
Настолько длиной для теперь
toliko dugo vremena za sada
Tan de largo para ahora
Så long för nu
Böylece uzun şu an için
اب اتنی طویل
So long for now

Edward, I wish you the best. It's been a pleasure reading your blog. I'll hold a good thought for you.
I'm so sorry to hear about this, Edward. I wish you all the best and hope things improve for you soon.
sorry to hear that - you'll be missed

all the best
I'll miss this blog while you're concentrating on more basic things, and I hope you're back up-and-running soon.
Edward, as a longtime reader, I will miss your blog. I wish you the very best.
Wishing you only the best!
Such unfortunate news! Edward, your voice will be missed in the film-blogosphere, that's for sure.
Edward, selfishly speaking we'll all miss your voice, but during what for us will be a very loud silence I'm glad to know you'll be taking care of yourself and hopefully being well cared for too. All the best, my friend!
Hi Edward. I just posted a Link for the Day to this post over at the House. Wish you well.
Best of luck Ed. It'll be a quieter and less passionate blogosphere without you, so let's hope you can return soon.
Ed, I want to say thank you for being one of the first supporters of my stuff, but even if you weren't I'd have stopped by to read you every day anyway. Your viewpoints will certainly be mised, but your health matters above all things. If there's anything any of us can do to help, please let us know.
Your conscientious, thorough, personal touch will be missed. Ed.

Much love,
Hope things are OK, Ed. You will definitely be missed, and I will be sending good thoughts your way.
Sorry to hear this news. Hope you will eventually return.

Get Well soon Ed.
I wish you all the best and I hope to read more from you in the future.
This is terrible news. I hope things turn around for you and you can join us all again.
The very best of luck, Ed - I hope you'll soon be back.
Sorry to hear about your health hope you'll recover fast and see you soon........miss you
Wish you the best - hope you return for the sake of your health (we'll miss your blog too)
I am so sad to see this, Ed. I wish you the very best with your health and with life!

If there is one refuge in which I can find consolation, as someone who seldom has the opportunity to use the internet myself, it is that now I can venture into the far-back reaches of this blog, and read the many great posts of years past that deserve my attention.

Be well. We will miss you!
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