Thursday, December 01, 2005


Movie Topic Index

Accentuate the positively awful (Edward Copeland)
American Film Institute lists
Alternatives to AFI's list
Arthur Penn: Lumiere & Company
Book vs. movie (Edward Copeland)
Comparing Travis Bickle and the Bad Lieutenant (J.D.)
Critical thinking (Edward Copeland)
Directing as Defensive Screenwriting (Josh R)
Edward Copeland's Top 100 Films (2007 edition)
Edward Copeland's Top 100 Films (2012 edition)
Enough with the remakes already (Edward Copeland)
For a Few Decades More: The Leone Trilogy Turns 40 (Odienator)
Gangs for the memories (Edward Copeland)
The Godfather at 40: America's first family (Edward Copeland)
The Godfather at 40: Merging art and commerce (Edward Copeland))
If I Had a Sight & Sound Film Ballot (Edward Copeland) (posted at The House Next Door)
Indy in Peril: An Action Movie Breakdown (David Gaffen)
Is the Magic and Meaning in the Movies or Ourselves? (Edward Copeland)
Is Michael Douglas a male chauvinist pig? (Josh R)
Is predictability always a problem? (Edward Copeland)
Is Toshiro Mifune the greatest film actor of all time? (Edward Copeland)
Joan Crawford (Eddie Selover)
The John Williams Blog-a-thon
A Kafka-esque Tribute (Damian Arlyn)
Last Year at Marienbad: Other opinions
Leslie Caron (Josh R)
Let's twist again (Edward Copeland)
Logan's Run for film critics? (Edward Copeland)
Meryl Streep: Action Hero (Odienator)
The movie experience I can't forget (Matt Zoller Seitz at Salon; Edward Copeland contributing)
Movies seen on big screen (but not in original release) (Edward Copeland)
Nails on a chalkboard (Edward Copeland)
Opening Shots: The Crying Game (Edward Copeland)
Portrait of the critic as a young man (Edward Copeland)
Prison of My Dreams (Edward Copeland)
The Ray Memorial List Index
Reviewing The Sound of Music as if a fourth-grade assignment (Josh R)
Rewatchable movies (Edward Copeland)
SMOOP II: Electric Boogaloo (Odienator)
Star Wars blog-a-thon
Steven Spielberg: Raider of a Lost Art (Edward Copeland)
Swear to tell the truth (Edward Copeland)
Sydney Pollack as an actor (Edward Copeland)
Tales Told By Idiots: Bad Bard, Bad Bard, Whatchagonnado? (Odienator)
Tarzan's Lament (Josh R)
10 Favorite Characters in Film (Edward Copeland)
2006: The Year of Robert Altman (Edward Copeland) (posted at The House Next Door)
The type of pivotal film few write about (Edward Copeland)
Three short films (2011) (Edward Copeland)
Untold Stories of Robert Altman's The Player (Edward Copeland)
W.C. Fields (Edward Copeland)
We need Bob — now more than ever (Edward Copeland)
What a Lifetime of Movies Has Taught Me (Odienator)
What did Wilder do? (Edward Copeland)
What if George Bailey had vertigo? (Edward Copeland)
Where have you gone Winona Ryder? (Edward Copeland)

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