Monday, February 04, 2008


First, the worst

"A French answer to your survey. The list of Oscar recipients almost made me cry. What, no Robert Ryan, no Robert Mitchum, no Henry Fonda in a Ford movie, no Clint Eastwood in Bronco Billy, no Jeff Bridges in a Coen movie, no Cary Grant, no Orson Welles ... Oh, too many names.
So this is a pis aller, really. But then the worst are really bad, aren't they?"
AS from down there in Paris

By Edward Copeland
Cary, Cary, Cary. If one recurring theme came up in the ballots for this year's survey of the best and worst of Oscar's best actors, it was the stupified wonder as to how in the hell Cary Grant failed to ever get that statuette. Voters used many different criteria. Some focused solely on bad performances, others on winners who robbed more worthy opponents. Still, the name that came up time and time again was Cary. Below the fold are the links to the various posts related to the worst part of this year's survey. The best will come Tuesday.

The worst best actors
Not hated enough
The survivors
Still standing
My choices

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