Friday, February 16, 2007


Edward takes a screen test

In case you aren't aware of it, Adam Ross at DVD Panache has begun a series of "Screen Tests" each Friday, where he asks those of us out in the blogging world a series of film-related questions. He began the weekly feature with Andy Horbal from No More Marriages! and today is my turn in the hot seat, so be sure to check it out. While you're over there, make sure to check out Adam's great contribution to this week's Lovesick Blog-a-Thon on Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs.

On an unrelated Oscar note (and aren't there plenty this time of year?), Nathaniel R. at The Film Experience has begun his annual Oscar symposium, so drop on by. Also on Oscars, our good friend Matt Zoller Seitz of The House Next Door fame reviews the 10 Oscar-nominated live action and animated shorts for The New York Times.

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