Thursday, December 01, 2005


Oscar topics index

Academy to expand best picture category
Academy's word on statistics
Best Best Actor/Worst Best Actor index
Best Best Actress survey
Best Best Picture survey
Best Best S. Actress/Worst S. Actress Index
Forgotten performances (Odienator)
Getting Oscar facts wrong (Edward Copeland)
Honorary Oscars (Edward Copeland)
I'm a partner in an abusive relationship (2010 Oscars) (Edward Copeland)
Lead or supporting? (Edward Copeland)
Oscar Exchange Program (Odienator)
Oscar mortality (Edward Copeland) (posted at Awards Daily)
Oscar's rules for gay characters (Edward Copeland)
Oscar post-mortem 2008 (Edward Copeland)
A pox on all your award shows (Edward Copeland)
Ranking best picture nominees (Edward Copeland)
When did Oscar betray you? (Edward Copeland)
When Oscar drops the ball (Josh R)
Worst Best Actress survey
Worst Best Picture survey

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