Sunday, December 20, 2009


A brief return -- the best of the aughts

By Edward Copeland
This took some time to do with my online time still limited, so there isn't much text and it also is a very incomplete list given that I've seen very few 2009 films, especially the big year-end possibilities, but as of now, here are my top 10 films since the year 2000, with links to reviews, if I already had one in archives.

10 Lost in Translation


8 No End in Sight

7 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

6 Letters From Iwo Jima

5 The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

4 The Lives of Others

3 Talk to Her

2 Memento

1 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly



Nice to see a post, however brief. I have a brief list, though it's changed a bit as I think about it more, but has some in common with yours:

1. The Circle (Iran)
2. Ratatouille
3. Downfall
4. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
5. No Country for Old Men
6. Memento
7. Sideways
8. United 93
9. Lord of the Rings trilogy
10. Amores Perros

Honorable Mentions: Syriana, The Dark Knight, In Bruges, The Quiet American, Finding Nemo, About a Boy, Michael Clayton, The Deep End, Kill Bill Part 2, The Matrix Reloaded, Pan's Labryinth, Bad Santa, Brick, Half Nelson, Shattered Glass, Brokeback Mountain, The Station Agent, Wall-E, King of Kong, The Wrestler
Great to see you, Ed! We share a couple of choices, and you've reminded me of a couple others I need to see.
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