Friday, January 27, 2006


Did you hear the one about...

By Edward Copeland
Now that The Aristocrats is out on DVD, I finally got to see it, since it never showed in this neck of the Bible Belt.

I'd like to say it was worth the wait, but I can't. I expected it to be a montage of comedians telling what is supposedly the most famous filthy joke in history. While there are many comedians doing spins on it, the editing style seems to leave precious few straight-tellings of the gags. Furthermore, once you've heard about the joke — which they lay out for you immediately, even if you don't know going in, it becomes exceedingly repetitive.

This is billed as a documentary so I expected just a bit more history about where this joke might have originated and how it was passed on in comic circles, but there is very little of that.

Really, the part of the film that played best to me was the animated segment when South Park's Cartman shares it with his bewildered buddies. At the end, they say they don't get it and Cartman says he doesn't either.

There's not much more to say here. It didn't really make me laugh that much and it certainly doesn't work as a documentary.

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