Monday, June 18, 2012


Signing off...

By Edward Copeland
Unfortunately, it's clear that my current situation at home never will allow me to carry on with my work here and if I can't do this the way I want to, they might as well put a bullet in my head — alas, they are neither that understanding nor merciful. Thanks for reading. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Not sure what all this comment means, but I will miss you, and I have enjoyed this site...a lot.
I hope you're able to eventually gain some peace of mind.

I was pleased to see you 'pop up' on Ken Levine's blog.

Thanks for all of your efforts.

Your film commentary will be missed. I checked in to see if you might post a Boardwalk Empire review, as I have emjoyed reading those in the past. I wish you the best!
Thank you for all your writing here. I've found it thoughtful, well written and honest in the best of an Ebert-style tradition: "A man went to the movies....".

It's played a large part in forming my own tastes and abilities to read a film. Here's hoping you return to it. In the meantime, best wishes from a loyal reader.

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