Monday, August 20, 2007


Ones I haven't seen, ones that didn't make it

By Edward Copeland
I had rather good luck with the 25 titles I submitted. Only two of those didn't make it on enough ballots to make the final cut: Henri-Georges Clouzot's Diabolique and Francois Truffaut's The Story of Adele H.

I'd hardly call either of those idiosyncratic choices on my part, but many voters did cast their lot with interesting titles that I hope they write about in the comments here or on their own blogs to which I can link.

Perhaps the most interesting list came from Jared of Worldweird Cinema, who submitted a list of favorites of which only one title (The Great Silence) appeared on any other list. There also was the interesting case of a series of films of which I'd been unfamiliar: The Japanese series of films titled (with various English translations) as something akin to Female Prisoner Scorpion. The films managed to get three votes but unfortunately each person who submitted them picked a different title from the series, so none of them had enough votes to make the final list.

Perhaps the saddest case for me is that of the great Indian director Satyajit Ray, whose films received several votes but none of which got a total of three so it could land on the final list. As for the nominated films I have yet to see, that's a long one, but I hope between now and the voting deadline I can catch up with a lot of them. Also, if you'd like to list what you voted for, Jim Emerson is opening the floor at Scanners if you'd like to contribute that there.

The nominated films I have yet to see are:

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Army of Shadows directed by Jean-Pierre Melville
Ashes and Diamonds directed by Andrzej Wajda
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Come and See directed by Elem Klimov
The Conformist directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser directed by Werner Herzog
Exterminating Angel directed by Luis Bunuel
The Gospel According to St. Matthew directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini
The Great Silence directed by Sergio Corbucci
Le Samourai directed by Jean-Pierre Melville
The Marriage of Maria Braun directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
My Night at Maud's directed by Eric Rohmer
Orpheus directed by Jean Cocteau
The Red Desert directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Rocco and His Brothers directed by Luchino Visconti
Satantango directed by Béla Tarr
Seven Beauties directed by Lina Wertmuller
Story of the Late Chrysanthemums directed by Kenji Mizoguchi
Suspiria directed by Dario Argento
Viridiana directed by Luis Bunuel


You are lucky, indeed, Edward -- because almost ALL of these titles you haven't seen are already available on DVD! It's never been easier to see them.
The one that I can't seem to find is The Earrings of Madame De...", which apparently isn't on DVD.
There's a very nice Region 2 DVD of Madame de. . . that can be bought pretty cheaply.
Re: Satyajit Ray - surely the films from the Apu Trilogy would have received at least 3 mentions in total? I think they'd be worth counting as a trilogy.
Actually, only Pather Panchali got any votes from the trilogy (and fell one short of three ballots). The other voters were for some of his other films.
There were four or five titles I have yet to see, including Forbidden Games and the Melville film. I picked up my R2 version of Madame De . . when I went on a little shopping spree in Amsterdam where I also got Renoir's Toni, Tati's Jour de Fete and Nick Ray's The Savage Innocents. By the way, that is a great list of participants.
If I could only recommend two of these to you, it'd be The Great Silence and Le Samourai, both amazing films, both in my top 5 here (in fact, The Great Silence might be my number 1).

Give 'em a shot. I wrote a short piece about The Great Silence right here and I actually have a write-up about Le Samourai in the works.
Both are in my GreenCine queue, so it's just a matter of whether I get the luck of the draw before ballots are due.
Here are the 15 films from the list that I have yet to see in their entirety. In many cases (the Bunuels, most notably) I've been waiting for a chance to see them projected on a nearby theatre screen:


I already have one of these checked out from the library on DVD, and hope to catch up with a number of others before the deadline.
I was one of those Female Prisoner Scorpion voters, but I picked the third film in the series called Beast Stable and I suspect the others probably voted for the first film.

Of the work nominated, I really need to see more Bergman, Kieslowski, Bresson, Rohmer, Ophuls and Chabrol.

I also really want to see The Cranes Are Flying and The Wages of Fear which have been on my "must see" list forever. I don't know if I'll see all the films I hope to before voting begins but I've seen enough of the films on the final list to easily put together a list of 25 favorites which made me very happy.
Three films from the series got one vote each: #701, Cage #41 and the one you voted for, Beast Stable.
Among my personal faves missing in action:

Jean Renoir's "La Grande illusion"/"The Grand Illusion" (1937)

Marcel Carné's "Les Enfants du paradis"/"Children of Paradise" (1945)

Yasujiro Ozu's "Tôkyô monogatari"/"Tokyo Story" (1953)

Max Ophuls' "Lola Montez" (1955)

Claude Berri's "Le Vieil homme et l'enfant"/"The Two of Us" (1967)

Jacques Demy and Agnes Varda's "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort"/"The Young Girls of Rochefort" (1967)

Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Teorema" (1968)

Luis Bunuel's "Tristana" (1970)

Eric Rohmer's "Le Genou de Claire"/"Claire's Knee" (1970)

Claude Lelouch's "Le Voyou"/"The Crook" (1970)

Zhang Yimou's "Da hong deng long gao gao gua"/"Raise the Red Lantern" (1991)

Also Zhang's "Qiu Ju da guan si"/"The Story of Qiu Ju" (1992)

I could go on until tomorrow but won't.
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