Thursday, February 01, 2007


The mainstream media screws up again

By Edward Copeland
Ivan G. Shreve from Salon's great
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear blog pointed out in the post on Sidney Sheldon that he could find no evidence on IMDb that I Dream of Jeannie ever won an Emmy for Sidney Sheldon (or an Emmy period). I checked the Emmys' official database, to see if perhaps Sheldon might have won an Emmy for something else and it was just assumed that it was for Jeannie but according to their database, Sheldon was only nominated for an Emmy once (for Jeannie in 1967) but he never won. I first heard them say he won an Emmy on cable news and then read it in many print accounts. The Tony win and the Oscar win were true though. My best guess as to where the error started is the AP account by the 247-year-old Bob Thomas, where I tend to find many of AP's entertainment errors over the years because I presume that no one wants to question the old man's memory.


Call it the Liberty Valance syndrome where everyone prints the legend!
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