Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Twin Peaks Tuesdays: Episode 18

By Edward Copeland
Poor, dimwitted James is riding his motorcycle, heading down the highway to who knows where as this episode opens. I wish I could care exactly where he was going, but I can't. I sort of hoped he would stay gone. This is probably going to be an uneasy time for the series as it tries to find its footing now that Laura's killer is known and James certainly won't help things in that regard.

Back in Twin Peaks at the sheriff's station, Cooper and Truman are questioning Betty Briggs (Charlotte Stewart) about Major Briggs' disappearance. His wife doesn't seem too concerned, saying that Garland often disappears suddenly because of his work. She also mentions that he talks about the woods constantly. When Cooper asks for more details, Betty begs off, telling the agent that it's "classified." Cooper also gets a call of support from Gordon Cole, telling him that the Dennis Bryson is the DEA agent on the way and urging him to "let a smile be your umbrella." Cooper faces Agent Hardy again along with the rest of the board and tells them he defends his actions. He knows they weren't strictly by the book, but they were for good and the drug allegations are bogus. Hardy is disappointed that Cooper doesn't say more and says his suspension will remain in place until Canada and the DEA decide what to do.

At Twin Peaks High School, Nadine is trying to fit in and approaches Donna at her locker. Donna asks if she's heard from James, who Nadine describes as "Eddie's friend with the motorcycle?" Nadine then broaches the subject that is on her mind, asking if it's OK if she pursues Mike. Donna says she's fine with it, but aren't Nadine and Ed "an item?" Nadine says she likes Ed, but he acts old enough to be her father and Mike would certainly be more fun. Meanwhile, in another place, it appears as if James is about to embark on a cliched, film noir storyline as a mysterious blonde named Evelyn Marsh (Annette McCarthy) starts flirting with him at a bar and asks if he might be able to fix her husband's Jaguar, which she damaged while her spouse was out of town on business. In another storyline that doesn't seem too promising, Dick shows up at the sheriff's station with little Nicky (Joshua Harris), planning to take him and Lucy out for a malted. Andy informs him that Lucy is at the Great Northern, helping prepare for Dougie Milford's wedding. Dick says he's disappointed and tells Nicky that the malted is off until Andy steps forward and says that the three of them should go to the Double R together.

Cooper, still intrigued about the last things Major Briggs said to him, asks Hawk and Truman about the White Lodge. Hawk seems concerned that he's brought it up while Harry says it's a legend around these parts. Hawk says it's a place where only the purest of souls can go, but to get there they have to pass through the Black Lodge, the shadow self of the White Lodge, where they will face their own dark side. If they exhibit fear, their soul will be utterly annihilated. They call it the Dweller on the Threshold. The philosophical/mythological talk is interrupted by the arrival of DEA Agent Dennis Bryson (David Duchovny), only now he goes by Denise and wears women's clothing. He agrees with Dale that it sounds as if he's being set up on the drug charge, but he'll have to look into it. All three men seem sort of speechless around the crossdresser, but when Bryson leaves, Hawk does manage to say that he thinks what he's wearing is "a good color for him." Back at the high school, Nadine makes her way to the weightlifting room to flirt with Mike, managing to do leg presses at the highest weight possible without breaking a sweat. Mike doesn't seem interested in her, but she gets the attention of the wrestling coach (Ron Taylor), who asks if she's thought of trying out for the team.

Back at Harry's cabin, the sheriff is as horny as ever, seemingly more interested in getting back into Josie's drawers than the truth, though he does finally get around to asking her about it. Josie says that when she was in Hong Kong, she worked for a man named Thomas Eckhardt. Jonathan was there to take her back to him, under threat of death to both her and Harry, though she slipped away from him somehow in Seattle. She said Eckhardt and Andrew Packard were business associates and that she married Packard for protection but believes Eckhardt was behind Andrew's fatal boat accident.

A brief bit of pop culture reuniting occurs at the Double R as Norma (Peggy Lipton) serves Agent Hardy (Clarence Williams III), her former co-star on the series The Mod Squad. Hank and Ernie wander into the diner, back from their excursion to One Eyed Jack's, though they told Norma it was a fishing trip. Norma asks Ernie if he caught anything and the ex-con replies without thinking, "I hope not." Norma tells him that Vivian went back to Seattle and suggests he do the same. The diner is a busy place as Dick, Andy and little Nicky take their seats at the counter. Once Nicky gets his malted, he proceeds to blow the whipped cream off the top and all over Dick, which of course tickles Andy to no end. At least it does until Andy looks away and Nicky spins his stool sending Andy hurling to the floor.

In his office at the Great Northern, Ben Horne is clearly losing his mind, watching old home movies of when he and Jerry were kids and they broke ground on the hotel. He says it's the winter of his discontent and then Hank shows up. Ben demands to know where the hell he's been, but Hank isn't in an amiable mood. He informs Ben that he no longer owns One Eyed Jack's and that Hank no longer works for him. Ben figures out that Hank has hooked up with Jean Renault and warns Hank that he's "dancing with the devil." Hank departs and Ben proceeds to make shadow puppets on the movie screen. Cooper receives another chess move from Windom Earle, only this one is accompanied by a tape, indicating how predictable the moves are so far. The voice says he's certain he wonders what his plan is and he makes it clear he's willing to sacrifice his queen in the skirmish because his goal is clear: the king must die. Dougie Milford weds the young Lana (Robyn Lively). The mayor predictably objects, but no avail. Agent Bryson even manages to catch the bouquet. Cooper asks Dennis/Denise want prompted this change and he says that he was doing an undercover operation as a transvestite and he discovered the wearing women's clothing relaxes him. At the reception, the Log Lady and Pete sit with the mayor, who whines that he uses his brain for thinking, "not my garden hose." Andy cuts a rug with Agent Bryson, presumably unaware of his gender.

At the Packard house, Josie returns and begs Catherine for her help and protection. Catherine isn't about to make it easy for her though: she insists that she work as a maid and move into the servants' quarters. Catherine promises that if Josie crosses her and disobeys her in any way, she'll feed her to Eckhardt by hand. She gives Josie her breakfast order and then Josie departs. An older man enters the room on a cane through a side door, Catherine turns and asks, "Happy Andrew?" Yes, it's the supposedly late Andrew Packard (Dan O'Herlihy). He tells his sister that everything is going exactly as they planned and now all they have to do is wait for Eckhardt to come and claim his one true love and when he does ... "We'll be waiting," Catherine says, finishing her brother's thought.

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