Monday, July 17, 2006


Mickey Spillane (1918 -2006)

I'll be honest — I've never read a Mickey Spillane mystery and my knowledge of him is restricted to Stacy Keach's Mike Hammer TV show and the Armand Assante version of I, the Jury, but I do recognize when someone's passing should be acknowledged on this site.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Mickey Spillane, the macho mystery writer who wowed millions of readers with the shoot-’em-up sex and violence of gumshoe Mike Hammer, died Monday. He was 88.
After starting out in comic books Spillane wrote his first Mike Hammer novel, I, the Jury, in 1946. Twelve more followed, with sales topping 100 million. Notable titles included The Killing Man, The Girl Hunters and One Lonely Night.
Many of these books were made into movies, including the classic film noir Kiss Me, Deadly and The Girl Hunters, in which Spillane himself starred. Hammer stories were also featured on television in the series Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer and in made-for-TV movies. In the 1980s, Spillane appeared in a string of Miller Lite beer commercials.
Besides the Hammer novels, Spillane wrote a dozen other books, including some award-winning volumes for young people.

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to be honest he is a legend...and memorable..but his writing is like eating triscuits with no drink and no drip- good but dry....

I like your blog...
and love your Dog on your comments....
I'll be reading about for a bit....
That's my beloved corgi Leland. Thanks for dropping by.
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