Monday, January 22, 2007


Survey Results, Part 2

"What a great (and difficult) survey — I had a really tough time narrowing down my 5 best. And what does one do with performances that at this point are so part of popular culture that you don't know what to make of them any more, on their own, original terms (MacLaine's or Crawford's or Leigh's ...)?" Armand K wrote. Yes, now it's time for the positive side of the survey, though as if with everything Oscar, it's hard not to be critical here as well. "If Bette Davis had won for All About Eve, I'd have voted that Best Best #1," Neil Allen wrote. "I feel bad voting Hepburn Worst Best, if she had ever won for Holiday or Long Day's Journey, she'd probably be in for Best Best. I know people loved Charlize Theron but Michael Sragow's comment about her performance reminding him of Gary Busey struck a chord with me." Thanks to everyone who participated this year, though if I tackle best actor next year, I think I'll wait until after nominations to launch the survey to avoid the holiday slowdown. So you all have plenty of time to catch up on the men, though I still bet a certain manic Italian might still come out on top of that worst list. Without further ado, the index:

Not Feeling the Love: The performances that failed to receive a single vote for the best.

Ranking by Ballots: The best best actress votes tallied by the number of ballots upon which they appeared.

Not Good Enough: The winning best actresses who failed to crack the Top 10.

The Best Best Actresses: The Top 10.

Survey Part 1 index

My ballot for best and worst

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