Monday, January 22, 2007


Not Feeling the Love

These 18 winning performances didn't receive a single vote for the best of the winning best actresses.

1928-29: Mary Pickford (Coquette)
1935: Bette Davis (Dangerous)
1936: Luise Rainer (The Great Ziegfeld)
1940: Ginger Rogers (Kitty Foyle)
1941: Joan Fontaine (Suspicion)
1942: Greer Garson (Mrs. Miniver)
1943: Jennifer Jones (The Song of Bernadette)
1947: Loretta Young (The Farmer's Daughter)
1967: Katharine Hepburn
(Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)
1973: Glenda Jackson (A Touch of Class)
1978: Jane Fonda (Coming Home)
1981: Katharine Hepburn (On Golden Pond)
1984: Sally Field (Places in the Heart)
1989: Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss Daisy)
1997: Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets)
1998: Gwyneth Paltrow (Shakespeare in Love)
2001: Halle Berry (Monster's Ball)
2004: Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby)

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I wonder if Jackson's absence is just due to A Touch of Class having fallen into a bit of obscurity? She has certainly been good in the things I have seen her in, though I haven't seen her Oscar-winning role.
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