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The Wire No. 43: Margin of Error

BLOGGER'S NOTE: As always, know that spoilers lie below, so don't venture further unless you've seen the episode or don't care if you know what happens.

By Edward Copeland
Primary day has arrived (a lot earlier in the season than I expected it would) as Carcetti, Mayor Royce and Tony Gray prepare to face off for the final battle before the voters — but not before Royce plans a few more dirty tricks as the election draws near. As the show opens, all three candidates are hitting the church circuit the Sunday before the vote: Gray at a small congregation where one presumes he might actually attend, Royce at a larger one and Carcetti at a boisterous African-American church where the candidate has never looked whiter as he tries to get into the rhythm of the spirit. When Carcetti thanks the minister for his sermon afterward but blanches at its obvious references to Moses, he slips and says, "Jesus — Moses is a pretty hard act to follow" or words to that effect to which the minister replies, "Moses will do for now. We'll save Jesus for your second term."

Royce still hasn't exhausted his slime — distributing a faked photo on a flyer claiming that Carcetti defended a despised slum lord as a lawyer. Carcetti understandably goes ballistic as his team rushes to put out the fire when a call comes from the ever-sleazy Clay Davis seeking a sit-down (and presumably a payoff) for stabbing Royce in the back. Reg E. Cathey as Norman does a hilarious imitation of Davis' trademark multisyllabic "shit" line as well.

Working damage control for Royce, Rawls shows up in homicide and suggests that Norris and Greggs be assigned to poll-watching duties for the day so they can't investigate the case of the dead state's witness, telling Landsman, "American democracy — let's show those third world fucks how it's done."

Carcetti even gets young Randy on his team as the teen's entrepreneurial spirit gets him to pass out flyers in exchange for money, a job he picks up while his foster mom votes and which he drags his disinterested friends along for the work.

Back at Tilghman Middle School, Prez reaches out to Dukie, setting it up so that he can come into the locker rooms early to take a shower and Prez can take home his odorous clothes for washing every night. The corner kids begin to be selected for Bunny's class as Namond is among their numbers. The students predictably complain, comparing their assignment to being placed in solitary confinement which Bunny suggests is not to far from the truth. Bunny will have his work cut out for him saving Namond though, given the persistence of his mother (Sandi McCree) to get her son earning for her on the streets. She even pays a visit to Brianna Barksdale (Michael Hyatt), mother of the late D'Angelo and sister of the incarcerated Avon, begging her for cash which Brianna claims she doesn't have and she's not getting, adding that she could care less about Avon now. Dissatisfied, Namond's mom pressures Bodie to put Namond on his payroll.

Randy is facing his own problems at school as Mrs. Donnelly calls him in for his role as lookout for the previous week's incident in the bathroom, which the eighth-grade girl is now saying was rape, though a brief scene of the boys who went in with her ignoring her suggest that perhaps she's just seeking revenge. Randy folds like a cheap suit and not only gives up the boys involved but tells Donnelly that he knows about a murder after Dukie showed him the bodies of the hidden Marlo victims.

While Omar's takedown of the poker game didn't lead Marlo to take up Prop Joe's offer (if that was Prop Joe's intention), the discovery of the surveillance cameras do encourage Marlo to seek the advice of "the fat man" about how to play it and he proceeds to set up the MCU on a wild-goose chase involving an oblivious woman getting off a train at a station that Herc and Amtrak police descend on, only to come up empty. Marlo's other plot against Omar comes to fruition as Omar is arrested for the murder of the delivery woman at the convenience store and the beating of the owner. The police issue a warrant for Omar, drawing cheers from some officers but immediate skepticism from McNulty, who has never known Omar to take out a civilian. Sure enough, McNulty is there for Omar's apprehension, even letting him borrow his cell phone to call home before taking him in for booking.

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